About Me - Lillie Morales

"For me, photography has been an art, hobby, and a true passion for the past 10 years. It's about capturing those precious moments while creating a work of art- not just taking a shot. My past experience on camera as a model and behind the scenes as a stylist helps me understand my subjects better. I specialize in candids and styled concept shoots but I also like to shoot anything from special events to family portraits. When it comes to my clients, I like to give them photographs they can cherish forever. It's important for me to get to know what they really want because I believe all of my clients deserve the very best."

~Lillie Morales

Facts about me:

Where I like to shoot: Outdoors! Anywhere from a salvage yard to a beautiful garden. Nature provides the best backdrop imaginable. 

My Ideal Client: Someone who is open minded, patient, and willing to try new things outside of their comfort zone. If you like my work, you have to trust that I will give you something to love. Allow me to be creative and see the results!

Camera Preferences: I shoot with a Canon BUT I also love my smaller Sony mirrorless! My fav lens is the 50mm. Though I carry 3 lenses in my bag, the nifty fifty is my absolute fav. 

My Style:Candid, mysterious, mystical and every chance I can- timeless (as in vintage style). 

Why Photography? Why not?! Since I was a little girl, I remember being mesmerized by my father's film Nikon. I was only about 7 when I first aid eyes on it. I remember my mother giving into my odd camera requests growing up- from disposables to polaroids, underwater cameras. I still have an entire box in my attic with these odd cameras. If you would have told me I'd someday become a photographer, I wouldn't have believed it. But looking back, photography and me have been BFF's. I was always the girl with the camera. I'd give my friends makeovers and photograph them afterwards. When I went to school for Journalism, I didn't like the photos provided for my stories- so, instead I shot them myself. And after becoming a mom, I spent my daughter's first year trying out different portrait studios- I even fell for the home photographer (the one that comes to your home after the hospital). I wanted all of her milestones captured but I didn't realize at the time, that I was analyzing all of the things these studios were doing. I took note of everything I disliked and the few things I did like. And then it happened- I went to my box, whipped out my 35mm film Minolta and started shooting again. I took pictures of my daughter every day and developed the photos and edited them off of a CD. Can you imagine?! Friends took notice and began to ask if I'd take their head shots. For a new mom staying at home, why not right? $25 per session, spending money for me and baby...but as time passed, my skills progressed. I decided it was time. Time to upgrade to those fancy new DSLR cameras. I got a good deal but my husband thought I was insane. He shook his head '$1000 on a camera? That's crazy. I don't think that was a good idea.' I will never forget my words to him...'Watch me make that $1000 back and more. Just watch, I will.' And guess what? That was ten years ago :) 

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American Cancer Society charity work- videos/photo

Girl Scouts of America charity work- photography

First Place for Children's Photography Roselle Park, NJ(2011) 

PPA Member (Professional Photographers of America)

Insured Business / LLC  

NJ Small Business Certified

B.A. in Communications Journalism, Media & Film

Masters Studies in Fine Arts 

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