About Me - Lillie Morales

"For me, photography has been an art, hobby, and a true passion for the past 10 years. It's about capturing those precious moments while creating a work of art- not just taking a shot. My past experience on camera as a model and later behind the scenes as a stylist- helps me understand my subjects better. I specialize in candids and styled concept shoots but I also like to shoot anything from special events to family portraits. My style is a little moody, edgy and crisp. I like my portraits to look like art, make a person feel something. When it comes to my clients, I like to give them photographs they can cherish forever. It's important for me to get to know what they really want because I believe all of my clients deserve the very best."

~Lillie Morales

Facts about me:

Where I like to shoot: Outdoors! Anywhere from a salvage yard to a beautiful garden. Nature provides the best backdrop imaginable. 

My Ideal Client: Someone who is open-minded, patient, and willing to try new things outside of their comfort zone. If you like my work, you have to trust that I will give you something to love. Allow me to be creative and see the results!

Camera Preferences: I shoot with Sony.  My fav lens is the 50mm. Though I carry 3 lenses in my bag, the nifty fifty is my absolute fav. 

My Style: Candid, moody, mysterious, mystical and every chance I can- timeless (as in vintage style). 

Why Photography? Why not?! Since I was a little girl, I remember being mesmerized by my father's film Nikon. I was only about 7 when I first laid eyes on it. I remember my mother giving into my odd camera requests growing up- from disposables to polaroids, underwater cameras. I still have an entire box in my attic with these odd cameras. If you would have told me I'd someday become a photographer, I wouldn't have believed it. But looking back, photography and me have been besties. I was always the girl with the camera. I'd give my friends makeovers and photograph them afterward. When I went to school for Journalism, I didn't like the photos provided for my stories- so, instead, I shot them myself. And after becoming a mom, I spent my daughter's first year trying out different portrait studios- I even fell for the home photographer scam (the one that comes to your home after the hospital). I wanted all of her milestones captured but I didn't realize at the time, that I was analyzing all of the things these studios were doing. I took note of everything I disliked and the few things I did like. And then it happened- I went to my box, whipped out my 35mm film Minolta and started shooting again. I took pictures of my daughter every day and developed the photos and edited them off of a CD. Can you imagine?! Friends took notice and began to ask if I'd take their headshots. For a new mom staying at home, why not right?  It was great to make some extra spending money for me and baby...but as time passed, my skills progressed. I decided it was time. Time to upgrade to those fancy new DSLR cameras. I got a good deal but my husband thought I was insane. He shook his head '$1000 on a camera? That's crazy. I don't think that was a good idea.' I will never forget my words to him...' Watch me make that $1000 back and more. Just watch, I will.' And guess what? That was over ten years ago ;) 

 Looking for more info? There's a blog loaded with behind the scenes stories, photo session tips, guides to download, party planning tips, and more. Visit, lilliemorales.wordpress.com

Are you looking for Small Business Solutions? Email me with any details or questions. Everything from headshots, location photography, product photography, social media content and more- I can help! 



American Cancer Society charity work- videos/photo

Girl Scouts of America charity work- photography

First Place for Children's Photography Roselle Park, NJ(2011) 

PPA Member (Professional Photographers of America)

Insured Business / LLC  

NJ Small Business Certified

B.A. in Communications Journalism, Media & Film

Masters Studies in Fine Arts 

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